7 Dams Worth Visiting In Washington State

if you are road-tripping this summer and majestic engineering feats are your thing, check out seven dams in Washington State worth visiting.


Take A Road Trip To These Seven Amazing Washington State Dams

As a kid, I think my first recollection of a dam was Grand Coulee Dam that I visited when I was eight years old.

As a kid growing up in Clarkston Washington, there were always rumors that Dworshak Dam could burst and leave the Valley underwater - talk about a strange childhood.

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So what are some of Washington State's most famous dams, here are seven dams you may or may not know about right here in the Evergreen State:

7 Splendid Dams of Washington State You Must Visit

Here are seven famous dams worth visiting in Washington State

Washington State’s network of dams is a testament to modern engineering marvels, the region's natural beauty, and rich history.


The dams of Washington State have offered numerous benefits since their construction, which are now being enjoyed by visitors from all around the world.

If you are traveling this summer, you might want to check out some of these amazing engineering accomplishments.

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