Get ready to "spring ahead" as the saying goes and move clocks ahead one hour next weekend with the change to daylight savings time.  Be thankful you don't operate a clock shop!

Perhaps, this may be the last time you perform the ritual of advancing your clocks ahead an hour in the spring.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R)-Florida has reintroduced legislation to make daylight savings time permanent.  The Sunshine Protection Act received unanimous approval in the Senate last year but went nowhere in the House of Representatives.  The legislation would end the practice in place since 1918 of turning clocks back one hour in the fall and keeping daylight savings time year round.

Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-WA), is co-sponsoring the 2022 House version of the Sunshine Protection Act.  Newhouse says the bill is a long time coming. "I am the co-sponsor of the House version of the Sunshine Protection Act, and I strongly support making the change," said Newhouse, "I think it is long overdue."

The NY Times quoted Rubio on Thursday “This ritual of changing time twice a year is stupid, Locking the clock has overwhelming bipartisan and popular support.”

Senator Ed Markey, (D)-Massachusetts is co-sponsoring the Senate bill and said "Americans are sick of this tired tradition." and says it's time for Congress to act.

There are negative health impacts associated with changing the clock including increased risk of heart attack and stroke, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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Sleep may be reduced on average by 40 minutes on the Monday after the change to  and the effects may linger for weeks for some according to the Sleep Academy.

The 5 Adverse Health Effects of DST cited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

1. Higher Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

2. Impaired Decision Making

3. Difficulty With Memory And Focus

4. Appetite Changes And Cravings

5. Increased Irritation

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