Skiers and snowboarders now have a new way to see what conditions are like at Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort before they head up to the mountain.

Mission Ridge marketing director Tony Hickock says the resort just launched a brand new webcam.

"We're excited to have a new webcam at the top of mountain. It's a live webcam, so it's a really awesome thing to be able to watch the snow falling in real time or maybe even those snow machines running, especially at night right now. We're going to be adding some more webcams to the website to give people some different views, including views that are lower down on the mountain."

Hickock says they've been busy making snow at the Ridge for several weeks now and also have up to a foot-and-a-half of natural snowfall in some places.

"Things are starting to look a lot more like winter up here and we're crossing our fingers for colder temp(erature)s and more natural snowfall in the weeks ahead. We're still targeting the day after Thanksgiving for opening day this year. But there's a possibility if things changed really quickly up here that we might even be open the weekend before that."

The new live Mission Ridge webcams can be viewed on YouTube or at the resort's website by clicking here.

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