I have to confess that I am somewhat enamored with the whole concept of robots and Boston Dynamics and their robot dog Spot. You only have to see one of their videos to see how endless the possibilities are for these robots. 

First off, I think it's hilarious. But secondly, imagine the technology necessary to make these machines do this. Now that leads me up to this story that I just read this morning. 

according to apnews.com,
A robotic dog is being thanked by state police in Massachusetts for helping avert a tragedy involving a person barricaded in a home.” 

boston dynamics
boston dynamics

Roscoe, the name of the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog belongs to the Massachusetts State Police Bomb squad. On March 6th Roscoe was deployed to check out a house when police were fired upon. Roscoe checked out the first two floors and then when he started to check out the basement, he was knocked over twice finding someone in the basement. The person in the basement had a rifle and put three shots into Roscoe.

Massachusetts State Police
Massachusetts State Police

Roscoe's communication package was disabled. So, they then deployed another robot dog. (Name unavailable.) police finally got tired of all this and decided to fire in some tear gas and took the man into custody. 

The best part of this whole thing would have been if Roscoe then started dancing. It would have confused the person hiding in the basement and he probably would have given himself up without a fuss just out of confusion but that was not to be. 

Maybe it will happen in my dreams. 

Robotic police dog shot multiple times, credited with avoiding potential bloodshed | AP News 

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