There exists a coin that could you a fair bit of money.

What's the coin that could put some serious cash into your bank account? It's another penny! You’d be surprised - It's not as ancient as those ultra-rare, ultra-valuable pennies out there, this hard-to-find one is from the year 2001.

I remember seeing a few of these last time I sifted through my penny jar.

A jar of pennies surrounded by pennies.
A jar of pennies CREDIT: John_Brueske

Time to dig out that bag, jar, or coin purse again. So, what are we searching for, exactly? Well, at first glance, the front of the coin appears normal—no double minting or special proofing, just an average 2001 penny. So, what's the big deal?

Flip it over… notice anything odd?

It's an error from the stamping process. The back side of the penny is stamped as though it's a dime. Yes, someone made a mistake, and now the penny's reverse bears the torch, an oak branch to the right, and an olive branch to the left—just like a dime.

The backside of a US dime CREDIT: Madison Batdorf
The backside of a US dime CREDIT: Madison Batdorf

So, what could this penny be worth? 

The last one sold at auction for a whopping $66,000! That's right, sixty-six thousand dollars! Quite a lot of money for just a humble penny.

So, bust out those pennies. 

Seek out your 2001 Lincoln One centers. Flip them over, and if you spot the design meant for a dime, you've struck gold!

If you happen upon this rare coin - remember that this free station app, perhaps helped you get a down payment on a house!

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