I’m grateful that J. Kenneth Austin posted two pics of Wenatchee’s Valley North Mall on Facebook. These pictures take us back to an earlier time - to a place where local vendors sold items at local mom-and-pop stores.

Some locations in the mall were owned by larger franchises - employed by local moms and pops. Many area high school students worked their very first job at Valley North.

The Valley North Mall arrived in the Wenatchee Valley in the mid-1960s. The indoor experience continued until about the turn of the millennium. Now, the only glimpses of the indoor mall era happen if you look through a panel - at the back wall in Old Navy, or the Burlington shop. I remember looking through the white peg board wood panels in the old Rite-Aid that closed in March of 2020.

Ever gone to Hickory Farms? - Great for that last-minute stocking stuffers.

J. Kenneth Austin (via Facebook)
J. Kenneth Austin (via Facebook)

'There must be countless pics of the inside of Valley North but all I could find were these two. It was the best-smelling mall of all time. Seems like every mall then had a candy corn shop at a corner near the door. What became of those?' -J. Kenneth Austin posting on the Wenatchee Valley History Facebook group


J. Kenneth Austin (via Facebook)
J. Kenneth Austin (via Facebook)

Shellie’s snack shop had great-tasting cookies, popcorn, candy, and donuts on the Payless end of the mall also gave the place a distinct smell - that sparks memories today.

Who could forget the wonderful smell that came from KarmelKorn?

Nancy Mitchell White
CREDIT: Nancy Mitchell White (via Facebook)

If I could hop into a time machine, I’d pick a random Saturday night in the mid-70s and head over to Larry’s Pizza.


The Arcade - Did you have the highest score in Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, or Asteroids? I don't even want to think about how much money I must have spent.


Zales - The jewelry shop in the corner. Weisfield Jewelers also had some time in the mall.


Depending on the decade you visited, you might remember the GallenKamp’s Shoe Store, Raff’s Shoes, or Kinney Shoes.


The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant was great for birthday celebrations.


Anita’s Clothing for back-to-school shopping.


Did we mention that Larry and his crew had the Pizza Inn poppin' in the 70s?


Getting your family a birthday, or holiday card at Winnie’s.


The Tree House sold great jeans and shirts.


Did you grab some delicious tacos at Omni Taco?


Like all malls in that era, it too had a Radio Shack.


Fashion Bug. Robinson’s. Caramel Corn. Wellington. Roy’s Chuck Wagon.



Wenatchee's first Taco Time was at the north end of the Mall near Payless (now occupied by Burlington.)


Did you get your hair done at Sakies Hair?


Getting shoes, or a whole new wardrobe - or just a winter coat at JC Penney's.


Gotta go? You had to jog the long back hallway to the Valley North Mall bathrooms.


Hole-in-one Donuts, right outside of Payless.

Valley North Mall Hole-n-One Donut Shop CREDIT: Lee Edwards (via Facebook)
Valley North Mall Hole-n-One Donut Shop CREDIT: Lee Edwards (via Facebook)


What shops in the Valley North Mall live on in your memories? Today, the location is known as the Valley North Shopping Center. Anchored by JC Penney's and Burlington.

INFO: Wenatchee Valley History, Facebook Group.