One WA town was named “Best Small Town to Raise a Family”

Back in my 20s, I only wanted to live in big cities. My 22-year-old daughter is currently in that very same mindset. She says she probably won’t move back home to North Central Washington. But I have hope after talking to other families. It seems like me, my young daughter and many others resist the small towns - until, they get kids of their own. Then suddenly, the small town is the very place they needed to get to, yesterday!

Across America, small towns usually offer easy commutes without the high property values or the high rents of big city landlords.

What are the best small towns for families?

I stumbled upon a list of the “best small towns to raise a family.” The list weighs the criteria of public schools, jobs, and cost of living. Towns with a population under 5,000 were considered.

I noticed that most of these towns have historical significance to the 1700s, Now, I may be a Revolutionary War buff and hugely appreciate what our founding fathers did - but I’m shocked that only one small town in Washington State made this list of the best small towns in America to raise your family.

Aerial view of Yarrow Point, Washington
Team Foster via Youtube


This family-friendly town is Yarrow Point, Washington.

Yarrow Point might offer good schools, it might be a hamlet of under 5,000 (Yarrow Point population is estimated at 1,100.) However, because of its extremely high real estate value - the median home value is $2 Million. You’ll need to have a high level of income to comfortably live here. If you can swing it, many of the Yarrow Point homes enjoy immediate waterfront access & majestic views of Lake Washington.

Scroll through the TOP 50 Best Small Towns to Raise a Family below. It's based on data released by Niche in March 2023.

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