Is your family facing the “egg shortage” and needing more? But maybe you want something more sustainable.  

Or maybe you have room for a chicken coop but no chickens!  

How about needing more chicken friends for the ones you have! 

Look no further than Coastal Farm and Ranch! 


That’s right, go on over to the East Wenatchee Coastal Farm and Ranch and check out the chicks! Chickens to be more formal, if you will.  

I have taken my little girl into Coastal just to look around at all the baby chicks. One of her first experiences seeing chicks was actually at Coastal Farm and Ranch!  


Fun to look at, but the care and dedication to owning them is a bit more than just “looking.” But that’s also why you go to Coastal Farm and Ranch, so that you may get all you need for the care of these little fluff balls!  

Did you know?! Coastal Farm and Ranch gets a new shipment of chicks in every Thursday from now until about the end of summer?! That’s a lot of chicks! Again, we are talking about chickens, little puffs, little peepers.  

Don’t miss out on the CHICKS!  

And don’t forget the feed, bedding, heat lamps, whatever you may need. 

*Side note- you can totally be like me and just go to Coastal for just “walking around” purposes, they have clothes, stuff for the horses, stoves, winter gear, really everything! I love getting my Carhart gear from them!  

See you at Coastal Farm and Ranch! 


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