National Donut Day is coming Friday, June 2nd, and a new trends study shows perhaps the most popular donut in WA state is not even a donut.

The national study used Google trends over a 12-month period

According to information from the study, by way of, a digital marketing information and tracking company, the study shows what the most popular types of donuts are in each state.

The study was based on Google trends, search, and other data over a 12-month period. In Oregon, the study claims the favorite (or most-searched, trending) is maple glazed.

In CA, it's the glazed old-fashioned. Idaho? The Maple-bacon old fashioned. Glazed donuts were popular in at least 15 states, including most of the Midwest, some Southeast, and some Northeast states. Alaskans prefer bear claws.

In Florida, the search data claims the most popular is a vanilla frosted donut.

As for national donut chains (there's not a huge number), the majority of the country (at least 40 states) prefer Krispy Kreme. The rest, most in the north and northeast, prefer Dunkin.

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But for Washington State, like Texas and Michigan, the most popular donut is not even's donut holes.

So this Friday, for National Donut Day, apparently we in WA State will be going for the 'hole.'

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