With the kickoff of the so-called "MegaKittrick" project approaching, the City of Wenatchee says you won't have to worry about traffic disruptions or slowdowns for awhile.

"The work will begin behind Smitty's Pancake House. So primarily it will be mostly off North Wenatchee avenue for the first couple of months and construction," City Project engineer Jake Lewing said. "You're going to see a lot of digging, a lot of excavations, getting utilities installed beneath where the new roads are going to end up going."

Project engineer Jake Lewing says you'll start to see work happening on North Wenatchee Avenue in late June.

"They'll work on the east side of North Wenatchee Avenue, doing the widening there first, move over, do one side and then at the end, work on the median," Lewing said. "When they do need to do some lane closures for some utilities that are crossing the avenue, those will be done just at night and they'll keep one lane in each direction open at all times."

When the project is finished, there will be a traffic signal on McKittrick and Wenatchee Avenue, a pedestrian median with improved sidewalks and the extension of McKittrick Street to a new intersection with North Columbia Street.

"Behind Smitty's Pancake House and that's really to serve the future development of all that area" Lewing said.

Groundbreaking is set to take place March 7th. The target date for completion is November 30th.

The funds to pay for the project come from Federal Surface Transportation Funds and local allocations of funding through the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council and Washington State Department of Transportation.

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