Be prepared for the roads this winter!

Here's Aly’s top 10 items needed for the winter months!

1. A Foldable Shovel! - Think about it, a shovel to help dig you out of a snowy ditch... You’ll thank me later, also note the “bendable” portion of that, easy, compact and you don’t have to worry about having to create space for a hunk of wood and metal. 

2. Multiuse Flashlight - A flashlight that maybe has an S.O.S setting, a ridged top around the light to help break window glass, if need be, some even come with a seatbelt cutter!

3. Blanket - I feel like this is self-explanatory.

4. Kitty Litter - Why?! To put on the icy ground for your tires if you are stuck.

5. Tire Chains - Because you never know when the passes will switch to “Tire Chains Required.” Plus, they are good to have on hand even if you aren’t going across any of the many passes here in Washington .

6. Gloves! - Because who wants to do anything outside of your car in the wintertime without gloves? 

7. First aid Kit - There should be one in your car at all times to be honest!

8. Road Flares - To warn people around you and to help first responders find you!

9. Water/Food - Combined these because you can have a nice size tote in your trunk or back seat with all the protein, water and snacks needed for all the passengers including pets! 

10. A Full Tank of Gas - Don't leave the house to make a trip even to a town over without a full tank of gas, you just never know how long you could be stuck for if worse came to worse. 

But most of all, Do Not Forget the Wiper Fluid hahahaha. Drive safe and high-five to being prepared!

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