Chelan County Public Works crews are currently monitoring water levels across the county, with thunderstorms potentially escalating water levels Thursday night.

A log jam at a bridge near the 25-mile Creek State Park is pulling water from the 25-Mile Creek over the roadway, making the roads impassable. 

At MP 16, South Lakeshore Road is closed past Hale Road, closing down Shady Pass Road as well.

Chelan County Public Information Officer Jill FitzSimmons says crews are currently assessing whether they can remove the log jam with an excavator.

The National Weather Service is forecasting thunderstorms Thursday night, which could increase water levels even further.

“We're looking at some high levels in our waterways, so if you live near one, if you're dependent on getting through an area, watch those waterways, especially tonight and into tomorrow,” FitzSimmons said.

Residents living above road closures should still call 911 if they have an emergency.

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