To Use Deet or to not use Deet. Or have you heard of Picaridin? 

I have not heard of Picaridin, but I have heard of and used Deet before.

Picaridin is rather new to the US, only being available to buy since 2005. So, a lot of the research on the synthetic chemical is still being conducted for long term effects.

Deet has been a staple but it's effects on the environment, our bodies and other side effects make this chemical almost feared?

So, what do we do to keep the pesky Mosquitos away?! That answer is best fitted to your lifestyle, but! I did find the best Bug repellants for you to choose so you may get back to enjoying the great North Central Washington summer days!

Ben's® Tick & Insect Repellent

Ben's has different options for the different places you may explore, check out their tick spary as well!

Insect Repellent | Sawyer Products

Sawyer products also offer items like water filters to get a nice clean crisp drink of water! Worth a look!

Coleman | Bug Repellents

I love that Coleman sells botanical sprays as well!

OFF!® Repellent

I added this Instagram post above to show what the product looks like and came across that post. What's a "Chikungunya" virus?! Brb...

This is what the Chikungunya is.

Bug Repellent by AVON

I have used this brand and I can vouch for them, it worked amazingly at Lake Rosevelt!


Can't forget about those baby's and people with more sensitive skin! How cool of Babyganics to make such products!

Ok, now go get your bug repellents and get outside! I don't want you coming back inside until the sun goes down... (I may have heard this a time or two, growing up.)

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