As the search continues for a submersible deep-sea exploratory sub that was supposed to dive to the Titanic in the North Atlantic, more information is coming out about the company offering the dives.

Owner of the company said to be on the sub

The company offering the Titanic dive service is Ocean Gate, based out of Everett, WA.  Their website says they pioneer and develop three different types of subs, doesn't directly say they built them.

It's presumed the one being searched for in the North Atlantic is the Titan, which their website says can withstand up to 13,000 feet of pressure, and carry five people. The company has been offering a ride down to the wreck of the Titanic, for $250K. The company president was said to be on board the sub, which began its journey on Friday, then contact was lost on Sunday about two hours after the dive began. Stockton Rush, as well as CEO Hamish Harding, are on the sub.  It carries four passengers and a pilot.

To see the Titan click here.

Reports indicate the sub sent a message about some trouble about two hours after it began its descent.  The company did not say how long it would take to take the 12,000 foot dive to the ocean floor where the wreck lies.

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According to the US Coast Guard and the company, the sub had enough air for at least 96 hours, or 4 days. As of Tuesday morning, the sub was said to have 68 hours left.

The search has been described in multiple reports as "frantic," with sonar, airplanes and boats.

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