Wenatchee Police officers are investigating a suspected hate crime after two swastikas were found on the doors of a synagogue in downtown Wenatchee Tuesday.

A tenant living at Cascadian Apartments reported seeing two red swastikas painted on the front doors of the neighboring Beit Aveinu Messianic Synagogue, painted approximately three inches wide in either paint or nail polish.

The tenant later reported it to their property manager, who called one of the rabbis attending the synagogue, who reported the incident to police.

Wenatchee Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld said the property manager cleaned the door before they arrived and do not have photos of the incident. 

They also do not have a suspect, since there are no cameras in that area.

Wenatchee Police Department will be labeling this as a felony hate crime, since the swastikas were targeted at a specific religious group.

The synagogue has requested extra patrol during their next service.

“It's not acceptable to harass people based on their religious background, their race, their identity, their sexual orientation, any number of factors,” said Reinfeld. “It's not only offensive, it's a crime, and it's a hate crime as defined by Washington State law and I think as a community, we're a lot better than this and we don't see acts like this, very rarely. When it does happen, it's always an affront to the community.”

Reinfeld said they have also found swastikas around the community, including some found on the George Sellar Bridge.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Wenatchee Police Department.

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