Happy Hour, something I actually grew up knowing about. Every weekday from 4p-6p my dad always visits our local waterhole in Pateros, sit down with the good ole boys and have a nice cold one or two. Actually, I didn’t know it was called “Happy Hour,” I just thought from 4p-6p that it was “dads going to town time.”  

Best Spot in the Wenatchee Valley for Happy Hour: 

Joe’s Log Cabin – Either location (Wenatchee or East Wenatchee) has some really good food! My favorite are the wings! Mmm... 

Bob’s Classic – Grab a beer, watch a game, hang out and relax! 2 locations, Wenatchee and East Wenatchee 

Wally’s Tavern – Honestly, you just have to experience this place for yourself, they have yummy apple pie moonshine shots btw! 

Applebee’s - Eatin’ Good in the neighborhood is literally their slogan, may not be locally owned, but local people work there! 

South in Pybus – Yummy food and tasty drinks! Try one of their signature cocktails!  

Garlini’s Napoletana – A cocktail, and their bread and garlic butter, yes, all the yes’s!!!!! 

Buzz Inn Steakhouse and Lounge – Enjoy their bar area and their yummy apps. Highly recommend their Bloody Mary's!  

There are other places in the Wenatchee Valley to visit! Let’s start off with those, and I’ll be sure to make a “Part 2” if you will, because really, we are chalk full of breweries, and even really cute small “hole in the wall” places to visit on the outskirts of town! Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!  

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