Saying that I “hate” or “loathe” something means that I have some really intense feelings about it, and in this case, I’m talking about going on a diet. Blech. That stuff is for the birds. One of Washington state’s most popular dishes made the “most loathed foods in America” list, and by loathed, they meant they DON’T want to give it up when they’re on a diet.

Diet sign
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I despise diets. I like to eat food so much that I’ll make a quick poem about it, just like that grouchy dude in the “Sam I Am” book.

I won't give up food in a car.

I won't give up food near and far.

I won't give up food on a plane.

I won't give up any food unless it's plain!

If you want to be healthy and give up junk foods, then I guess that’s one reason why you might say you don’t want to eat this delicious salad (there’s your hint before you scroll down). I wouldn’t ever consider a salad to be JUNK FOOD, but people in Washington can be a bit weird, ha!

For some strange reason, most of the people surveyed said they hate to give up eating Crab Louis Salad. Call me “an uncultured swine” but I don’t even know what is INSIDE Crab Louis Salad, other than the obvious Dungeness crab. Why are people needing to give up crab on a diet? Crab has like, hardly ANY calories!

I just checked. Raw crab has 71 calories and cooked crab has about 82. That’s hardly enough to break out the scale for!

Meal of fresh steamed crabs
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Crab Louis Salad Recipe

Now that we’ve been talking about eating delicious CRAB, my mouth is watering so I have to know what is in the Crab Louis Salad recipe. It has crab, mayo, ketchup, dill relish, seasonings, croutons (if you like those), avocado, lemon juice, hard-boiled eggs, and lettuce. I love each one of those things. I’m ready to try my first Crab Louis Salad!

Well, if eating a Crab Louis Salad is considered wrong and “cheating” on your diet, then I don’t want to be right!

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