In part 1 i talked about how Dua Lipa's album Future Nostalgia was my soundtrack of the pandemic. It got me through rides along the Apple Capital Loop Trail, kept me upbeat and was pretty much on repeat. You can read part 1 in a separate article now.


This album has continued to have an impact on me for 3 years. Even today in 2023 if any song off this album comes on it is never skipped or turned off. When it was released in 2020 I didn't think I could love any version of the songs more than the album versions. Then came the release of Levitating featuring Da Baby.

Levitating was already my favorite track on the album. Then Dua Lipa dropped the radio single with a rap verse from Da Baby. It was magic. Well, not initially for me. At 1st I didn't want anything soiling my Dua Lipa. It very quickly grew on me. It is now my preferred version. It fits the song so well and I love to rap it during karaoke it, bringing me to my next point.


Future Nostalgia has been such a hit not just with myself but my friends too. I have heard many of my friends do songs off it for karaoke. I personally love to do Levitating so I can do the Da Baby rap part, but also participate keeping the flow going the rest of the song.


I know Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia will be an important album for me for many years to come and will always remain one of my all time favorites.

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