I used to always go flip through the records at Hastings after I would get off work. It makes me sad we don't have a record store here in Wenatchee anymore. I love finding little treasures. They don't have to be expensive or valuable, but if it's something I will love it is a treasure to me.
I found  my 1st copy of Abbey Road flipping through the previously owned bins. Since then I have purchased multiple copies and different editions. Like this box set of the Super Deluxe Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition.


It was released in September 2019 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original album. It includes a new stereo remix of the album by Giles Martin.

My 1st introduction to the album was as a kid growing up in Manson and Lake Chelan. I had Abbey Road on cassette tape. I would put it in my walkman and ride my bike around downtown Manson. Cementing my love for The Beatles forever. Even now in my 40's I have not grown tired of it for one second. I love to put it on my audio-technica turntable in my home in East Wenatchee, pour a glass of scotch & listen to John, Paul, George & Ringo meld together for musical perfection.

This was The Beatles swan song. The last album they recorded together and everything clicked perfectly and fell into place. Their album Let It Be was technically released after Abbey Road, but it was recorded before. The tumultuous recording session for Let It Be is legendary and has multiple documentaries about it. The Beatles pulled it all together though to record 1 last masterpiece, Abbey Road. This will not be the last Beatles album in this series of my favorite albums. Don't be surprised to see some of the solo albums the Beatles created too.


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